Cultural Exchanges: Music between Latin America and Europe

About Us

The research network “Trayectorias / Cultural Exchanges: Music between Latin America and Europe was established in 2014 for the study of the musical exchanges between Latin America and Europe after 1945. Its members include Christina Richter Ibáñez (University of Tübingen), Ulrike Mühlschlegel (Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut IAI; Ibero-American Institute), Daniela Fugellie (Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Santiago de Chile), Omar Corrado (University of Buenos Aires), María Alice Volpe (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro), and two members of the Center for the Study of the Musical Culture of the Postwar Period at the University of the Arts Berlin (Dörte Schmidt and Matthias Pasdzierny).Diego Alonso (Universidad Humboldt de Berlín), Martín Liut (Universidad Nacional de Quilmes), Julio Ogas, Iván César Morales, Marcela González (Universidad de Oviedo), Nils Grosch (Universität Salzburg) and Mauricio Gómez Galvez (Sorbonne Université) are also part of the network.

The network has organized thre international conferences in Rio de Janeiro, Berlin, and Santiago de Chile. The discussed topics embrace different perspectives on the musical exchanges during the second half of the 20th century, among them migration and exile, cultural politics, tours by orchestras and soloists, music festivals, and musicological production, from different theoretical and methodological perspectives. The participants of the conferencies came from Austria, Germany, Holland, France, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Uruguay, Mexico, and the United States.